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Gender Pay Gap Report

As an employer, Hartismere Family of Schools Trust is required by law to carry out Gender Pay Reporting under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017, to demonstrate how large the pay gap is between our male and female employees.


We publish these results on our own website and submit the figures to the government by 31st March each year.


We use these results to assess:

the level of gender equality in our workplace;

the balance of male and female employees at different levels;

how effectively talent is being maximised and rewarded.


Hartismere Family of Schools is committed to the promotion of equality of opportunity and choice for employees and supports the fair treatment of all staff irrespective of gender through our transparent recruitment processes, pay policy, and professional development.  All our posts are aligned to nationally agreed pay scales and our male and female staff are paid within the same band for the same job role.


Please contact the Hartismere school office if you require any policy document or notice translated or printed.


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